Hmmm… still Arsantica 3 is on the list but still no energy to code a full fledge demo… there are some fx written but somehow still not in the mood the get it done… (yeah… same like guys from Rockstar Games… „it is done when it is done“ or Blizzard ;=))

so I released some smaller demos in between but when going back to Voxels I adapted my Voxel routine to some spinning asteroid and I thought hell… that could be the Intro screen of Arsantica 3… so I put together some screen… and released the intro as „teaser 2“ for Arsantica 3… what music, games and especially movie industry can do… so I released this teaser:

Ship sprite and font were pixeled by Bokanoid… if you are familiar with Arsantica series than you recognise the sprite as it is our battle ship from AD:6502 and the font, too.

for the music I have choosen a different way. Triace is good in using RMT as music tracker but hates using native trackers so I convinced famous Atari musician Miker to get some MPT music. just to get another „sound“. All former Arsantica music tracks were composed in RMT so I give it a try and I like it…