Right after AD:6502 I already started to think about Arsantica 3 but somehow I did not had the energy to code again a full 2 disk demo so I thought why not release little snippets or let say teasers… so as Revision was coming closer and closer and we at Desire met all in Saarbrücken 2015 I started my first 3d code ever…

Music was composed again by Triace and the low res pixel artwork as again done by Bokanoid who seems an expert at thinking in „4:1“ aspect ratios of the mode10.

Axis of Oxyron helped me developing the 3d code unfortunatly I did not managed to get subpixel stuff going on… Desire Logo was done by Lowlife in 4:1 mode10 as well.

just short time before Revision party I thought having digi speech synthesis in the product so I used good old SAM to produce the intro speech which was quite fun at the party.